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Selling Your New Jersey Business?

Selling Your New Jersey Business?

If you are looking to sell your business here are a few practical tips from Crown Business Brokers to maximize the opportunity to sell.

Transaction Structure

If you are considering selling your business, the first matter to consider is the transaction structure. In general, there are two methods of selling a business, either selling the shares in a company or alternatively selling a business as a going concern which involves selling the assets and goodwill of a company. Corporate attorneys can provide legal guidance about which structure would be most appropriate.

Tax Efficiency

Tax efficiency is a main determining factor as to which structure would be the most appropriate. Legal considerations are often secondary considerations in determining which structure would be the most appropriate.

Potential Buyers

Once you have determined which structure would be the most appropriate the next consideration is how to find a potential buyer. There are many business brokers who can find buyers for your business. Crown Business Brokers is a prime example of a company with the experience and resources to accomplish this. However before choosing which would be the most appropriate you might wish to find out whether they have acted for anyone in your market sector and if so you should ask to see a testimonial. Your corporate attorney might also be able to recommend a suitable business broker.

The next stage in appointing a broker will be to agree upon a fee structure.

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Sell NJ Business

Sell NJ Business

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