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Crown Business Brokers is a leading name with the expertise to locate qualified buyers, negotiate the transaction, prepare letters of intent, manage the due diligence process, and locate sources of funding


There are times when Crown Business Brokers might request personal information, including:


Accessing Personal Information for a Better Web Experience


Information can include name, e-mail address, company name, or telephone number that can be accessed to conduct surveys, although users are at liberty to respond or not to respond.


Crown Business Brokers might also use personal details for its other business purposes or in order to help serve you better. Typical examples would be informing you of new services, products, alliances, etc. that could help you in your business.


You shall not claim that any information which is voluntarily posted by you on this website is confidential and/or proprietary.


However, as a general user, you can visit our site without disclosing any personal information. There is no requirement to provide personal details, and in the event that we seek any information, we will respect your requests and desires to provide such information.


Collecting Information for Online Surveys


Online surveys conducted by Crown Business Brokers occur to better understand the needs and profile of our visitors. When we conduct a survey, we will inform you in advance if any personal details are required and how that will be used for the operation of the business. If you are not satisfied with the reasons for the survey, you can refrain from providing those details.


Collecting Domain Information


We also collect domain information in order to understand traffic statistics. However, no email addresses of its visitors are taken for this analysis, because we use this information to improve our web offerings.  The details are collected automatically when you access our site.


Disclosure to Third Parties


Crown Business Brokers might also share your details with its business partners who can inform you about our latest offerings and services. If you do not wish to be sent this kind of information, you can inform the sender or unsubscribe yourself.  However, you are not entitled to treat such information as unsolicited, nor shall you be entitled to take any action against Crown Business Brokers or its Partners.


In the event of court/legal proceedings, we might disclose your personal details if it is so directed by law and in order to establish our legal rights and prevent suspected fraud or threats against the company.


Your personal information might be required in the event of reorganization, amalgamation or mergers.


Use of Cookies


Some pages on our website use cookies. Cookies are small files we place on your hard drive to identify usage patterns.  For instance, during site registration and customization the next time you visit this site, your browser might notify you when you receive a cookie and gives you the choice to accept it or not. If you do not wish to accept it, certain information/pages might not be fully visible to you.


Crown Business Brokers is not responsible for some of the external links we have provided on our site. We respect their privacy but do not hold ourselves responsible for the content or the privacy practices they follow. However, we have the right to change our policies or modify them as and when required.