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In addition to our commission-based brokerage services, Crown Business Brokers, LLC is presently offering fee-based consulting services. Usually, the fee for these services is quoted on a flat fee basis, and not on an hourly basis. Our fee-based consulting services include:

The SBA: Assistance with Small Business Administration (SBA) loan packaging. We know how to package your loan so that it gets approved the FIRST time it is submitted. This saves you the time and trouble of having to submit the loan package to more than one bank.

Business Valuation: When you are buying a business, not overpaying is extremely important. If you overpay, the cash flow will not be sufficient to service the debt and provide you with a reasonable income. Likewise, if you are the seller, you should know what your business is worth prior to placing it on the market. Brad Palmer, Managing Member of Crown Business Brokers, is a licensed New Jersey Certified Public Accountant with a Masters of Business Administration from Syracuse University. He has testified numerous times in the New Jersey Superior Courts on matters related to the value of closely held enterprises and has lectured at the graduate school level on this topic.

Due Diligence: Is the seller telling you the truth? We dig into the numbers to discover what the true cash flow of the business is, which may differ substantially from what the seller represents. Additionally, we also investigate market conditions to determine trends and possible future changes in the local economy that could have a financial impact on the business that you are thinking of buying.

Buyer Representation: Brokers generally represent the seller on a contingent basis; they therefore have a vested interest in seeing to it that the deal closes because they do not get paid if a transaction is not consummated. But who represents the buyer? Who has your best interests in mind? There are a myriad number of issues that have to be negotiated in purchasing a business besides price; these include non-compete agreements, terms of employment, seller financing, accounts receivable and accounts payable issues, and customer retention. We can negotiate these issues on behalf of buyers without alienating the seller so that the seller will cooperate in the transition, thereby increasing the likelihood that the buyer will be successful.

If you have a requirement related to the sale or purchase of a business, please feel free to contact us for a cost free one half hour consultation.

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