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We’ve Been Trumped

Now that THE DONALD has been president for nearly three years, what has changed for the owners of small and mid-sized businesses and what is likely to change?

Selling Your New Jersey Business?

If you are looking to sell your business here are a few practical tips from Crown Business Brokers to maximize the opportunity to sell.

Taxing Issues

Long term capital gains taxes are typically lower than income tax rates, and the actual long term capital gains rate is based upon the rate that applies to your income.

New Jersey Business Broker Near Me

New business ventures can be exciting. With increasingly impressive technological advances, start-ups are on the rise.

Looking for (Business) Love in New Jersey

Oh yeah, besides looking for love, you can also look for a business in too many places, and in too many faces.

Our Warning About NJ Accountants

Here we go about accountants again.  A few nights ago NJ CPA and Business Broker Brad Palmer was watching TV around 4 AM. An ad came on where a woman was sitting at a desk in her office late at night.

Selling Nj Business

Preparing to Sell Your New Jersey Business

Many small and mid-sized New Jersey business owners do not consider an exit strategy in the event that they retire.

Being a Lone Ranger

Suppose you have a problem with the IRS or a State tax agency, and you have decided to handle the matter yourself.

NJ Cheap College

College on the Cheap?

Perhaps you have a New Jersey teenager who is approaching college age and you are concerned about the cost of higher education.

Business Liabilities Assets

Neither a Lender or Borrower Be I

Neither a Lender or Borrower Be I Lending and Borrowing Might Not Always Be the Best Options This is a line from Hamlet, said by Polonius, in Scene III, Act I. Nevertheless, despite the wisdom of the advice, most people at some point are borrowers, and sometimes they do not pay their bills. Commercial creditors … Continue reading Neither a Lender or Borrower Be I

Memorandum of Sale

At Crown Business Brokers, LLC, we usually prepare a memorandum of sale. This is a document that is provided to a prospective buyer after we receive a non-disclosure agreement, but prior to the initial meeting.

The IRS and Audits

This is off-topic in that it does not relate to buying or selling a business but it is every small business owner’s worst nightmare. GETTING AUDITED BY THE IRS.

Buying or Selling the NJ Business

If you are buying or starting a business in N.J., there are some things that you should be aware of that may not be applicable in other states or other regions of the country.

How Should I Finance My Business?

The U.S. tax code and Federal bankruptcy law, however, does like debt since all of the interest on a business loan are fully deductible, and most debts can be discharged in bankruptcy court.

To Buy Or To Start a Business That Is the Question

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, in the opening line of the Nunnery scene, when contemplating suicide, Hamlet asks “to be or not to be, that is the question”. Hopefully, you are not contemplating suicide, but you may be contemplating whether or not to buy or start a business. For many prospective entrepreneurs, that is the question – to buy or to start.

Dealing With the GuvMint as Ronny Reagan Pronounced It – The SBA 

Most business buyers, even those who are in a position to do so, do not want to pay cash for a business acquisition.

What Form or Organization Should I Use in NJ for My Business

You’ve been looking to purchase a business for months and you’ve finally found your dream candidate.

A Taxing Subject

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes”, said Ben Franklin in 1789. That said, upon the sale of your business, you are probably going to incur long term capital gains taxes.