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Helping Business Owners Turn Their Biggest Asset Into Cash

For Buyers:

Buying a business is a life event that can create anxiety. In many cases, a persons life savings are on the line, as well as their future income. At Crown Business Brokers, LLC, we seek to make the process as smooth as possible for buyers. We answer questions comletely and truthfully, and we refer buyers to ethical outside professionals where appropriate. If a buyer is not satisfied with our answers, we will refer him or her to the source that can answer the questions.

At Crown Business Brokers, LLC, we think buyers will find our approach a refreshing alternative to what they may have experienced in the past in dealing when with business brokers.


Fees are usuallycontingent upon the successful consummation of a transaction and are typically paid by the seller. These fees depend upon the nature of the assignment, are generally a percentage of the sales price, and are negotiated with the seller in advance.

We also provide several services that are fee based; i.e., not dependent upon a particular outcome. These fees are either predicated upon an agreed upon hourly billing rate or, alternatively, a flat fee agreed upon in advance. Services that typically are fee based include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Business Valuation.
  • Locating target candidates for a prospective purchaser.
  • Negotiating on behalf of a prospective buyer when there has been tentative agreement concerning a transaction.
  • Providing forensic accounting services and expert Court testimony.

For ethical reasons, any service provided to a buyer is fee based and is not contingent upon a specific outcome.

For a specific discussion concerning either contingent brokerage services or fee based services, please feel free to contact us for a cost free initial consultation.