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Unethical Businesses


In both my accounting practice and in my business brokerage business, I make it a habit to not provide accounting services or represent a business that in my personal opinion is inherently unethical and does not deserve to exist, even if it is legal.  In the next several blogs, I am going to discuss the following businesses and why they are inherently unethical.  All of them take advantage of the ignorance of the average American, or prey on poor people.  The businesses that I am going to discuss are chiroquacktors and alternative medicine, payday loans, rent to own, multi-level marketing,  companies that sell gold, stockbrokers and financial planners.   So let’s start with chiropractors, or chiroquacktors and alternative medicine.

Alternative Medicine

The first and important thing to remember about chiroquacktors is that there is as much real science behind what they do as there is behind astrology or reading tea leaves.  Chiroquacktor school does not require an undergraduate degree; an applicant only needs 90 college credits and a 2.75 grade point average to gain admission.    Try applying to medical school with that record.  While the chiroquacktor curriculum has courses that sound like medical school courses, in reality they are taught at the high school level.  A significant portion of the curriculum is devoted to “business development” or how to separate “patients” from their money.  One can best think of the adjustments that they provide as an adjustment to one’s wallet, whereby the amount of cash in it will be adjusted downward. And it is medically impossible to “adjust” someone’s spine, or for their back to be “out of alignment”.  Any real doctor will tell you that it is absurd.   

Alternative Math Revisited

As regards alternative medicine, this is as ridiculous as alternative math.  Is there an alternative to one plus one equaling two?    The source of alternative medicine is East Asia and Native Americans.  While it is true that the Chinese do use alternative medicine for minor maladies such as back pain and minor infections, for serious problems it is Western medicine all the way.  Trust me, if Xi Jinping the president of China was told that he has cancer, he’s on a plan to Sloan Kettering or the Mayo Clinic.

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