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Hypocrites and Government Programs


Most people do not like to think of themselves as hypocrites but most people are in one way or another, myself included.

So, if you are a right-wing Republican, and if you do not want to perceive of yourself as a hypocrite, here is a helpful list of things that you should not be doing.

• Collecting social security
• Collecting disability
• Availing yourself of Medicare
• Availing yourself of Medicaid
• Collecting worker comp
• Collecting unemployment
• Using SBA loans
• Using government-backed student loans
• Buying a house with FHA loans
• Sending your kids to public school
• Availing yourself of the government benefits available to farmers (if you’re a farmer.
• Using minority set aside programs in your business
• Using Section 8 housing vouchers
• Benefiting from government aid for childcare
• Benefiting from food aid (there are no more food stamps)
• CHIP (Children’s Health insurance Program)
• EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) a welfare program administered by the IRS
• Aid to families with dependent children
• Child tax credit
• Tuition tax credit
• Benefiting from the Affordable Care Act ( the average American is too dumb to realize that this is “Obamacare”)

Every one of these programs was put into law by Democrats over the past 120 years. And this list is not comprehensive.

There are hundreds of more programs, all of which were initiated by Democrats. So if you are a real right-winger, you should think about this list and yourself.

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