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Advertising Your New Jersey Business

Advertising Your New Jersey Business

If you are going to sell your New Jersey business, you must advertise it.  You and your broker should develop advertising that presents the business in the most positive light, and at the same time does not lie, either by omission or commission.   The advertising should be attention grabbing and create excitement.

For example, let’s suppose that you are trying to sell your restaurant.  Which of the two opening sentences for the advertisement is more attention grabbing: 1) Profitable, established restaurant serving middle class audience for sale on busy street OR, 2) Highly profitable, well established restaurant serving diverse clientele for sale in recently gentrified section of city.

Obviously, the second opening line is more attention getting.  The first sentence is boring.  Profitable or highly profitable are subjective terms, but highly profitable creates the idea that an owner can become wealthy, and not simply remain in business.  The term well established versus established creates an aura of the business as operating for a long period of time.  Middle class audience creates a boring impression, while diverse clientele creates excitement.  The term “busy street” really does not mean much, but gentrified section of the city creates the image of youth and vitality.

Here is another example.  Let’s consider an owner of a dry cleaning shop, a very boring business,  the owner is trying to sell it.  Here are two opening sentences for an advertisement:  1) This is a dry cleaning business serving an area with many business and professional people, or 2) This is a well-established dry cleaning business serving a community that has recently experienced a large influx of business and professional people, and is expected to grow.  Obviously the second sentence is much more likely to stimulate a response.  The point is that your advertising should meet four criteria:  1) 100% true, 2) attention grabbing, 3) create excitement, and 4) make the reader want to contact you for more information.

Selling a NJ business, like anything else, is fundamentally a numbers game:  the more people who contact you, the greater the likelihood that you will sell the business in a timely and expeditious manner.  Your advertising should be designed to stimulate the largest possible response.

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